Mariner Series Rope Dog Leash

Our Mariner Series Rope Dog Leashes are simply beautiful. Each leash is crafted from ultra soft, yet incredibly durable spun polyester rope from Holland and finished with Italian bronze hardware for strength and longevity. If you're looking for the best dog leash for beach walks, this is your leash. The saltwater and sand won't corrode the hardware and the polyester rope will maintain its strength in all conditions. Our Mariner Series Dog leashes come with a 7' handle and are 5ft long.

If you're looking a custom length rope dog leash, we can work with you to construct the perfect length. Need something adjustable? We can also make adjustable rope dog leashes in our Mariner Series. If you like to run with your dog and need a running dog leash, we can add an extra ring and snap to allow you to wrap the leash around your waist for a hands free run with your pup. Or, if you have two dogs and want a two dog leash, we can create one for you. 

Please note there is an additional charge for custom dog leash options. If you have any questions, just chat with us on Messenger or send an email to